Halton Regional Police Services Board 

The Halton Regional Police Services Board is a seven member civilian board that oversees the Halton Regional Police Service. As such, the Board must ensure that the community is policed effectively and that any and all policing standards issued by the Ministry of the Solicitor General are complied with. In essence, the Board is the trustee of public interest regarding the provision of all police services in the community.

The fundamental purpose of the Board is to provide oversight for the delivery of police services in Halton Region.

The Police Services Board is not a committee of Regional Council. The Board exercises its governance function through the development of policies. The Chief of Police reports to and is directly accountable to the Police Services Board for adherence to and compliance with the Board's policies. It is through the governance function and the authority granted to it by the Police Services Act that the Board exercises its mandate over the Halton Regional Police Service.

The composition of the Police Services Board is determined by the Police Services Act. In accordance with the population of Halton Region, the Halton Regional Police Services Board consists of:

  • The Regional Chair, or if the Regional Chair chooses not to be a member of the Board, another member of the Council appointed by resolution of Council
  • Two members of Regional Council appointed by resolution of Council
  • One person appointed by resolution of Regional Council, who is neither a member of the Council nor an employee of the Region
  • Three persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council

If you are interested in learning more about the Police Services Board, refer to the Roles and Responsibilities and Appointment Process pages of this site.