Service History 
Headquarters in 1980 

Prior to 1974, the County of Halton consisted of the Towns of Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, and Acton, as well as the Townships of Esquesing and Nassagaweya. Acton and the two Townships were policed by the Ontario Provincial Police, while the remaining municipalities each maintained their own force.

Effective January 1st of that year, the County was reorganized into the Regional Municipality of Halton, comprised of the City of Burlington, and the Towns of Oakville, Milton and Halton Hills. As part of the amalgamation, the four existing municipal police forces were merged into the Halton Regional Police Service.

The Ontario Provincial Police policed the remainder of the Region until 1975, after which time the HRPS expanded and assumed responsibility for the entire area.

At the time of its founding, the Halton Regional Police Service had a total strength of 205 uniformed officers and 45 civilians.

Since then, the HRPS has grown to become a world-class police service whose mission it is to provide effective and efficient community-based policing to the residents of, and visitors to, Halton Region.

The Halton Regional Police Service Crest

Halton Police CrestThe Service's crest is a version of the national badge for municipal police services. It was created in 1991 by Her Majesty the Queen on the recommendation of His Excellency the Governor General. It may be granted to any municipal Police Service which is part of a municipal corporation that possesses a coat of arms by lawful grant from the Crown. All such badges share a frame of gold maple leaves rising up from a representation of the provincial flower from the province in which the service is sited, all ensigned by the Royal Crown.

The distinctive elements of each crest are the shield of arms of the particular community encircled by the motto scroll featuring the motto of the Police Service to which the badge is granted. At the centre is the shield of the coat of arms of Halton Region, which was granted to the Region in Letters Patent issued by Lord Lyon King of Arms in Edinburgh on June 16, 1976.

The Halton Regional Police Service emblem was developed by the late Dorothy Stone, O.C.A. of Halton Hills. Above the blue and white waters of Lake Ontario are the green fields of Halton Region, symbolizing both the landscape and agricultural wealth. Bisecting the Region is the dramatic feature of the Niagara Escarpment, represented on the crest by the ragged-edged silver band. The four component municipalities making up the Region -two above and two below the escarpment - are symbolized by the continuous gold Bowen Knot. The unbroken links also represent the physical, economic, social and political ties that bind Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown and Acton together.

Surrounding this shield is the motto scroll featuring the Halton Regional Police Service motto. It is framed by golden Canadian maple leaves rising out of the Ontario trillium. The badge is ensigned by the Royal Crown, reminding all officers and civilians employed by the HRPS - as well as the community at large - that the Service plays an important role administering the justice of the Canadian Crown.

The Crown appears with the express permission of Her Majesty on the recommendation of His Excellency the Governor General.