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Community Policing is a collaborative effort between the Halton Regional Police Service and members of the community it serves. It identifies problems of crime and disorder, and involves all facets of the community in the search for solutions to these problems. It is founded on close, mutually beneficial ties between police and local residents.

Community Consultation Committees (C.C.C.s) and Community Policing Committees (C.P.C.s) have been established to help achieve this goal.

Purpose of C.C.C. / C.P.C. Committees:

The purpose of each Committee is to work towards creating a healthy and safe community environment for all who live and work within a given area. The Committees are resources through which residents can effectively communicate their concerns to a variety of local organizations, groups and/or local bodies.


The mandate of Community Policing is to create a partnership with area residents to solve localized problems or make specific improvements that enhance the overall quality of life in the community. This partnership may be with individuals, a block of residents or a neighbourhood.

Community Policing is intended to create a sense of responsibility for personal safety and problem solving among the citizens of Halton Region and shifts from a predominantly reactive response to service calls to proactive problem solving that increases the ability to resolve community-wide problems.

Rationale for Establishing a Community Committee:

The fundamental reason for shifting to a Community Policing and problem-solving program the acknowledgment that the police can't solve all community problems by themselves. Community Policing requires the majority of community members to accept personal responsibility for their safety and resolving issues in their neighbourhoods with the support of the HRPS and other government agencies.

Typical Concerns, Problems and Issues Addressed:

Each Committee responds to issues that are relevant to the area they serve. These may include:

  • Road maintenance
  • Public park cleanliness
  • Social and physical order
  • Crime prevention programs and strategies
  • Formation of safety programs

For more information, contact:

1 District (Acton, Halton Hills and Milton)
Sgt. Colin Grierson

905-878-5511 ext. 2467

2 District (Oakville)
Sgt. Eric Schwab

905-825-4747 ext. 2238

3 District (Burlington)
Sgt. Susan Biggs

905-825-4747 ext. 2372


C.C.C. (Community Consultation Committee) or C.P.C. (Community Policing Committee): Groups of citizen volunteers working in partnership with the Halton Regional Police Service to address community concerns that focus on crime prevention initiatives and quality of life issues.


1 District - Milton and Halton Hills

2 District - Oakville

Did You Know?

The first C.C.C.s / C.P.C.s were established in Halton Region in 1989.

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