Historic Halton Police Building 

The Halton Regional Police Service began implementing its community-based policing philosophy in 1984 with the introduction of its first Village Constable in Warwick.

Over the next decade, the HRPS reviewed and revised its management structure, and, in 1995, the Total Integrated Policing (TIP) philosophy emerged. The focus of TIP was to empower all Halton Regional Police Service employees and hold them accountable for the particular work they perform. TIP gave sworn members and civilians more autonomy at the same time as ensuring that processes and protocols remained consistent with the needs of the Service, community and existing legislation.

The implementation of TIP also resulted in a less hierarchical organization.

The principles of policing established during this time were also translated into a Service Delivery Philosophy which includes:

  • Proactive, reactive and preventative policing to improve community quality of life
  • Pursuit of partnerships with community members and organizations to promote greater involvement in policing

The HRPS' Service Delivery Philosophy also lays the foundation for activities based on jointly-established priorities between the police and community to prevent and solve problems and the achieve set goals.

Since then, a number of successful community-based programs, policing initiatives and events have been organized and executed by the HRPS and Halton Region residents.