Community Policing 
Cst. Mike Dinsmore handing out info sheets 

The population of Halton Region continues to grow exponentially, placing increased demands on policing resources.

To ensure that our towns and cities remain as safe tomorrow as they are today, the Halton Regional Police Service is committed to a community-based policing philosophy.

Community-Based Policing:

Predicated on the belief that strong community partnerships are the single most valuable crime prevention tool, all members of the HRPS endeavour to build links and work in partnership with the people we serve to achieve common goals such as:

  • Reducing crime
  • Reducing the fear of crime
  • Maintaining social and physical order
  • Preventing neighbourhood decay

By giving citizens a greater voice in establishing local law enforcement priorities and involving them in efforts to improve the overall quality of life in their neighbourhoods, the emphasis of police work shifts away from responding to random service calls to finding creative ways to address shared community concerns.

How It Works:

The Halton Regional Police Service's community policing philosophy is at the heart of the organizational strategies and local initiatives we develop and implement each and every day.

All sworn HRPS members are Community Policing Officers (CPOs). In addition to responding to calls for service and actively patrolling assigned areas, their mandates include:

  • Maintaining direct, face-to-face contact with people in their beats
  • Building trust among all members of the public
  • Developing imaginative ways to tackle the broad spectrum of concerns faced by residents and visitors

CPOs also serve as the people's link with other police, public and private agencies, as needed.

One of the key organizations in place to understand the unique and ever-changing needs and concerns within Halton Region are Community Committees.