Missing Persons 

The following individuals are listed as missing by the Halton Regional Police Service.

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POPEKName:Andrzej  POPEK
Occurrence No.:Popek

Date Last Seen:April 27, 2015
Place Last Seen:Crawford Lake Conservation area
Occurrence No.:OZOLLAPA

Date Last Seen:September 30, 2014
Place Last Seen:Workplace on Weeping Willow Drive, Oakville, ON
Occurrence No.:12-184191

Date Last Seen:November 5, 2012
Place Last Seen:Believed to have dined at a restaurant in Niagara Falls, ON
Occurrence No.:RUPPELL

Date Last Seen:September 9, 2010
Place Last Seen:Outer Bronte Harbour, Lake Ontario
Occurrence No.:DSOUZA

Date Last Seen:October 31, 2007
Place Last Seen:Oakville, ON
JIWANIName:Mohmud "Moe" Sadrudin JIWANI
Occurrence No.:2006-26638

Date Last Seen:April 10, 2006
Place Last Seen:Toronto, ON
Occurrence No.:1995-51205

Date Last Seen:August 5, 1995
Place Last Seen:Oakville area of Lake Ontario, ON
FERRISName:Marjorie Amy FERRIS
Occurrence No.:1993-14756

Date Last Seen:March 5, 1993
Place Last Seen:5166 Lakeshore Road, Apt. 607, Burlington , ON
Occurrence No.:1992-54536

Date Last Seen:July 28, 1992
Place Last Seen:50 Point of Lake Ontario, ON
Occurrence No.:1983-51595

Date Last Seen:August 8, 1983
Place Last Seen:Oakville, ON
TUCKERName:Darlene Yvonne TUCKER
Occurrence No.:1983-07547

Date Last Seen:February 14, 1983
Place Last Seen:Oakville, ON
REEDName:Kenneth Gene REED
Occurrence No.:1982-53370

Date Last Seen:August 26, 1982
Place Last Seen:
NASBYName:Ronnie  Edward Steven NASBY
Occurrence No.:1980-54713

Date Last Seen:September 12, 1980
Place Last Seen:Burlington area of Lake Ontario, ON
Occurrence No.:1980-54713

Date Last Seen:September 12, 1980
Place Last Seen:Burlington area of Lake Ontario, ON
MARCHName:Cameron Gerald MARCH
Occurrence No.:1975-14472

Date Last Seen:May 7, 1975
Place Last Seen:Area of 5349 Blind Line Road, Burlington, ON
Occurrence No.:1967-00036

Date Last Seen:April 27, 1967
Place Last Seen:Kilbride Public School, Burlington, ON