Diversity Team 
Sergeant Mark Dienstmann 

Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Coordinator:

To support its range of multicultural initiatives, the Halton Regional Police Service assigns one of its Sergeants to lead its Diversity initiatives. The Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Coordinator is also responsible for outreach to Halton Region's diverse communities.

For more information about the Halton Regional Police Service Diversity Unit, contact:

Sergeant Mark Dienstmann

Diversity Team:

Close to 100 civilian and uniform employees make up the Halton Regional Police Service Diversity Team. These Diversity Team members, who include uniform patrol officers, Village Constables, High School Liaison Officers, Youth Workers, Major Crime Investigators and Recruiting Officers, are assigned a wide range of support functions in addition to their day-to-day duties, including:

  • Acting as resources to frontline, investigative and support staff
  • Demonstrating the positive benefits of diversity initiatives
  • Creating and maintaining meaningful dialogues and working relationships with the community to address areas of need and/or concern
  • Participating in opportunities to enhance cultural awareness through ongoing community outreach

To ensure they remain effective resources for their colleagues and members of the public, Diversity Team members receive specialized, quarterly training on a range of different topics such as interfaith relations and positive space thinking.

All four platoons in each of the Halton Regional Police Service Districts also have a minimum of two Diversity Team Constables on duty at all times. These police officers are trained and available to act as resources/support for colleagues on an as-needed basis.