Traffic Initiatives 
Officer using a radar gun 

The Halton Regional Police Service is committed to addressing ongoing traffic concerns in the City of Burlington and works closely with the Traffic and Transit Department to share information regarding:

  • Traffic complaints
  • Accident locations and statistics
  • Engineering recommendations
  • Enforcement requests
  • Special events planning

To enhance the Service’s partnership with the City of Burlington and its citizens, the HRPS has formal representation on the Burlington Road Safety Committee and Road Safety Strategic Plan Task Force. The Halton Regional Police Service also supports and attends Neighbourhood Traffic Meetings hosted by the City as forums for members of the public to express their concerns and seek solutions to specific traffic issues.

In 2010, the Halton Regional Police Service handed out 13,594 Provincial Offence Notices.

Burlington District Response Unit (DRU):

The 3 District Response Unit (DRU) was formed in April, 2007 to effectively address municipal growth and the resulting increase in traffic-related complaints. The Unit is comprised of six Constables who focus on traffic initiatives, a Village Constable and a Community Support Officer who work under the supervision of a Sergeant. These officers, along with patrol and motorcycle officers, participate in all regional and district traffic projects.


The Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere (R.I.D.E.) program remains a key deterrent against drunk driving. R.I.D.E. spot checks are conducted year round, with an emphasis placed on holidays and long weekends when higher volumes of traffic and opportunities to drink and drive are present.

Follows are the results of the 2012 R.I.D.E. holiday campaign for Burlington which ran from December 1st-31st:

  • Vehicles stopped: 6,075
  • Roadside breath tests: 208
  • Pass tests: 192
  • Warn tests: 13
  • Fail tests: 3
  • Impaired charges: 5
  • Over 0.08 charges: 8

Provincial Seat Belt Campaigns:

Provincial Seat Belt Campaigns are held twice yearly to educate and inform members of the public about the importance and legal requirements surrounding seat belt use. In 2010, the provincial compliance rate was 95%. Surveys indicate that the City of Burlington exceeds this figure.

Project Safe Start:

Project Safe Start is an annual initiative that enforces road safety for students and drivers at schools in the days following the start of the school year. Specific attention is paid to the five "S" infractions: speeding, seat belts, stop signs, school bus and zone enforcement.

Bears in the Woods:

The goal of the twice yearly Bears in the Woods campaign is to reduce speeding and aggressive driving on the City of Burlington’s rural streets north of Dundas.

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (C.M.V.):

Commercial Motor Vehicle enforcement plays a significant role in keeping Halton Region roads safe.

A total of 889 truck inspections were conducted in 2012. Of these, 68 per cent failed. Hundreds of vehicles were taken off the road (and out of service) for various infractions, including:

  • Faulty brakes
  • Being overloaded
  • Unsafe tires
  • Load issues

More than 2,700 C.M.V.-related charges were laid by the Halton Regional Police Service Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit for:

  • Equipment infractions
  • Load security
  • Dangerous goods
  • Weight and/or dimension violations
  • Improper/missing documents
  • Moving violations; 15 non-moving violations

In excess of $700,000.00 was levied in fines.

Radar Message Board / Speed Shield:

Members of Communities on Phone Patrol (COPP) and the Burlington Crime Prevention Committee set up the Halton Regional Police Service radar message board to raise awareness about speeding year-round and during annual campaigns such as Project Safe Start.

Additional details about the radar message board are outlined in a flyer distributed by the City of Burlington.

Additional Programs:

Road Watch