Regional Emergency Preparedness 
Officer attending a train derailment scene 

Halton Region is vulnerable to a variety of natural, human-caused and technological hazards.

To help prevent, mitigate and prepare for these risks, the Halton Regional Police Service collaborates with its Emergency Management Partners on an ongoing basis to ensure that members of the public are as well informed and prepared as possible in the event of an emergency.

Take a moment to visit Halton Region's Emergency Services website. Here, you will find the latest information and advice on a number of important emergency planning topics such as:

  • Personal Emergency Preparedness Monthly Tip
  • Personal Emergency Preparedness Guide and Video
  • Personal Emergency Preparedness for those with special needs/disabilities
  • Emergency Public Information Plan: How will I be informed about an emergency?
  • Emergency Alerts: Is there an alert in my area?
  • Family emergency preparedness tools and activities (How to prepare and escape plan/survival kit)
  • Pandemic influenza planning
  • Seasonal information
  • Weather and travel information
  • Pets and livestock

Click here for a complete listing of the Halton Regional Police Service's Emergency Response Partners.