Halton Regional Police Service
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Community Mobilization and Engagement

Prevention and early intervention by collaboratively working with community partners has proven time and again to provide the most impact and lasting solutions to crime and the reduction of harm or victimization. Building strong relationships with community residents and stakeholders is an effective and efficient method of preventing crime and increasing the quality of life for the residents of Halton.

This new approach allows for more flexibility to address policing needs and priorities at the local level, by involving residents in efforts to improve the overall quality of life in their neighbourhoods. It also allows for a fundamental shift in police work from the traditional response to calls for service, to a more holistic approach that builds upon localized community capacity to address the risk factors associated with crime and victimization.

Commande Strategy

When situations of acutely elevated risk are brought to the attention of police and/or our community partners, a network of human service providers convene to identify a lead agency to coordinate the multi-sectorial response to that situation. The progress will be monitored and the overall plan of action is flexible and scalable to the individual and/or unique situation.

The Community Mobilization strategy builds on our successful history of community policing in Halton by enhancing the traditional community officer function to be more collaborative and integrated across all human service sectors. This will effectively and efficiently address the root causes of crime and social disorder, as well as increase the safety and wellbeing of the residents in Halton.