The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) is proud to announce that all its sworn members are now using electronic notes (eNotes).

Notetaking is arguably the most recognizable and key function that a police officer is responsible for and it has remained largely unchanged for over a century. Officially doing away with traditional paper-based notes for notes via smartphones is an important milestone for the HRPS. With more than 750 officers now using eNotes, this is a shift that the Halton community has already likely taken notice of.

“Members of our community will notice our officers using their smartphones more, working hard to capture information in a faster, more accurate and effective way,” says Deputy Chief Roger Wilkie.  “eNotes is just one of the ways we are purposefully harnessing innovative technology to better serve our community.”

This single tool provides officers with unparalleled functionality, allowing officers to securely obtain audio statements and take supplementary photos or recordings within their reports. Officers are also able to access and add to police databases and record systems from the palm of their hand, meaning they are no longer tied to the computers in their cruisers.  If you see an officer using their phone during your interaction they are using their new electronic notebook.

The efficiencies and time savings created by eNotes means our officers will have more opportunities to focus on operations and community safety,” adds Deputy Wilkie.


HRPS eNotes are completed using the Smart Squad app, developed by Faction Four Systems Inc in consultation with the HRPS.  The HRPS has been operating eNotes, via Smart Squad, on a limited scope since 2015. In fall 2021, the HRPS committed to adopting eNotes Service-wide.











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