On May 16, 2022, four suspects entered the Ikea located at 1065 Plains Road East, Burlington. The suspects loaded their cart with 2 rugs and a set of duvet covers and concealed unknown smaller items within these. The suspects paid for $1.76 of the approximately $600.00 of known stolen items, and left the store making no attempt to pay.

A witness obtained the licence plate the suspects fled in: BYBW601 - which belongs to a grey Toyota Venza.

Suspect 1: female, early 30's, heavy build, dark brown or black hair, wearing a black Adidas shirt with white writing, white track pants and white crocs.

Suspect 2: male, early to mid 20's, medium build, black hair, minimal mustache/beard, wearing a grey, black and white Nike jacket, black pants and white shoes.

Suspect 3: male, early to mid 20's, minimal facial hair, dark brown hair, wearing a blue Nike shirt, black pants and white shoes. Suspect was also wearing necklaces and has a tattoo on his right forearm.

Suspect 4: Male, heavy build, wearing grey pants, black shirt and white shoes. Suspect was also wearing gold necklaces and has tattoos on both forearms.

Occurrence Number: 2022-144215

If you have any information on this case, please contact the HRPS or Crime Stoppers.

Suspects Photo