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Bicycle Safety

Bicycles are vehicles. As such, cyclists have the same rights and duties as drivers.

By following same set of rules-of-the-road as motorists, cyclists reduce the risk of accident and/or injury.

The Halton Regional Police Service is pleased to offer the following safety tips:


  • Always check your bicycle for size. If you can stand above the horizontal crossbar with both feet flat on the ground, with your bicycle seat at hip level, the fit is right.
  • All bicycles must be equipped with a white front light and a red light or reflector if ridden half an hour before sunset until half an hour after sunrise
  • All bicycles must have a bell or horn
  • All bicycles must also have at least one braking system


  • Bicycles must be ridden on the right-hand side of the road, single file with the flow of traffic
  • Cyclists must signal their intentions to turn or stop with hand signals
  • Cyclists must obey all signs and traffic lights

In addition to the above, the Halton Regional Police Service reminds cyclists that the use of bicycle helmets is recommended for all riders but is mandatory by law for those under the age of 18. Wearing a bicycle helmet can reduce the risk of serious head injury by 85 per cent.

Listening to CD or MP3 players over headphones while operating a bicycle is also not recommended.