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You may be surprised to learn that more anglers die while fishing than from all other hunting and trapping activities combined.

  • Always stand well back from undercut river banks
  • Watch out for foot entrapments. If you fall down with your feet trapped, the current can push you under and hold you there.
  • Always use a wading staff, a long-handled net or long stick to aid balance
  • Always keep your feet apart in fast water and lean into the current taking small steps
  • Waders are very dangerous. If you fall in the water wearing them, the likelihood of drowning is higher.
  • Never wear waders in a boat
  • Always wear a belt around the waist of chest-high waders. This will help prevent water from entering the boots.
  • Should you end up in the water wearing waders, don't panic and don't attempt to swim. Tuck your knees to your chest to reduce the amount of water entering the waders and to trap air which provides buoyancy. Roll onto your back, throw your head back and paddle backwards with your arms toward the shore.
  • Remember that ice fishing poses many dangers. You can't tell the strength of ice just by appearance.
  • Before venturing onto any ice, check with a local bait shop operator, resort owner or local angler for known ice conditions, thin ice areas or dangerous open water