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Light Timers

In the hours prior to bedtime and in hours of darkness, all homes should have strategic lighting on. Dark homes give the appearance of being unoccupied and could attract the unwanted attention of a burglar. Similarly, homeowners who leave lights on when away for the weekend or longer will attract attention during the night because all other homes in the area are in darkness. Light timers installed in the living room and one of the bedrooms give your home the appearance of being occupied. You may even consider mounting outside lights equipped with motion detectors at the front and rear of your house.

Through Door Viewers

To avoid opening your door without knowing who is there, install a through door viewer with a 180- degree, wide-angle lens. This allows you to see someone standing to one side of the door. These devices are inexpensive and can be adjusted to varying door thicknesses.

Householders' Identification

Do not put your name on the gate or the exterior of your home. This gives burglars a chance to look up your telephone number in the directory and to phone on a false pretence.

House Numbers

House numbers should be large, visible and lit at night to help emergency personnel locate your home quickly, if needed. The same type of number mounted at the rear of the house can help those approaching from a back lane or street. To make house numbers more visible, the digits should be at least 6" in height and made in a contrasting colour to their background.


The accumulation of newspapers and mail in an undersized mail box not only exposes them to the elements but also indicates to burglars that no one is home to retrieve the deliveries. A large mailbox will protect mail and keep it out of sight of would-be burglars.