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Safe Driving

The Halton Regional Police Service Collision Reconstruction Unit is pleased to offer area drivers the following seven safe driving tips:

Adjust your mirrors properly:

Ensure that your side mirrors are pushed out enough that you see the lane NEXT to you, not the side of your vehicle. With more efficient mirror adjustment, you will eliminate "blind spots", make lane changes and merging easier, and see a more complete picture of what surrounds you.

Sit properly in your vehicle:

Adjust your seat so that you are close enough to the pedals to have a slight bend in your leg while depressing the brake pedal. Adjust your seat upright so you can hold yourself up naturally without a need to use the steering wheel or an armrest as support. Hold the steering wheel at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock.

Keep your vision aimed high:

Instead of looking down at the road ahead of you, keep your vision focused near the horizon. By keeping your sight higher and farther ahead, you will gather more information with your peripheral vision and increase your awareness.

Respect winter driving:

Think of driving in the snow and ice as walking across an ice rink with rubber boots on. You have much less grip than walking on dry asphalt, so you can’t take big wide steps or suddenly start walking fast. When driving in winter conditions, we have many traction aids to get us going, but nothing to allow us to stop quickly. Recognize this fact: the laws of physics don’t change regardless of what vehicle you drive. Slow your speed in slippery conditions and leave yourself more room to stop and more space to turn. Use pedals and controls smoothly and slowly to maintain the car’s balance.

Look and steer where you want to go:

In a skid, forget all you have learned (such as "steer into the skid") and keep it simple. Look and steer where you want the car to go. This technique will ensure that you use just enough steering to correct the skid while not further upsetting the imbalance of the vehicle.

Drive Right – Pass Left:

When driving with the flow of traffic, stay as far right as you can. Leave the left lanes for overtaking vehicles. When overtaking a vehicle, expedite the process and get back to the “driving” lane as quickly as possible. If you are being passed on the right hand side, YOU are in the wrong lane. Helping to ensure passing occurs only on one side in a multi-lane roadway makes traffic safer and more predictable.

Keep a calm & patient "driving personality":

Regardless of how wound up you are, get in the habit of relaxing behind the wheel. Transferring any stress and emotion into your actions behind the wheel makes for a risky driver who might engage in road rage tendencies. Drive courteously—wave to others when they let you merge, allow other drivers to merge in front of you. You’ll be surprised how calming your drive can be when you have an easygoing driving personality.

Distracted Driving

Emergency Services from across Halton Region partnered with TVCOGECO, Z103.5, Safe Communities Halton Hills and Georgetown District High School to produce this important message regarding Distracted Driving. TVCOGECO also produced this video for the One Tap app.

Winter driving tips.