The Halton Regional Police Service is always on the lookout for talented men and women with a desire to make a difference, to join our team.

All applicants interested in pursuing a career as police constable with the Halton Regional Police should be organized and prepared to undergo a multi-stage selection process.

Obtain OACP Certificate

The Halton Regional Police requires a valid OACP certificate to start the application process.  It is an important piece of the application submission and must remain valid through the length of the applicant’s process.

Learn more about obtaining a valid OACP Certificate.

Application Submission

Candidates must complete the online application.

Applicants should ensure all mandatory documents are included in the application package.

Candidates must complete the application online and must include all required documentation. 

A complete application shall include the following documents uploaded in this order:

  1. Checklist of Mandatory Application Documents
  2. valid OACP Certificate
  3. Current Resume
  4. Police Officer Application Form
  5. HRPS Waiver (attach link to form)
  6. High School Diploma and accompanying transcripts
  7. Post-Secondary School Diploma or Degree and accompanying transcripts
  8. Vision and Hearing certificates
  9. Fitness logs

 These previous requirements – can be added to the application to provide numbers and original proof can be provided at interview if applicable

  • Ontario Driver's Licence 
  • Proof of Citizenship or Permanent Residency (Birth Certificate/Passport/Permanent Residency Card)
  • Standard First Aid and Basic Rescuer (Level C) CPR Certificates 

Go to the APPLY NOW page and follow the Online Application instructions

For more information, contact the HRPS at 905-825-4747 ext. 5112.

Pre-Background Questionnaire

Upon a successful application submission, the applicant will be required to complete a Release of Information form and a Pre-Background Questionnaire.  A recruiting officer will review the PBQ with the applicant during a short meeting/interview to determine moving forward in the process.

Local Focused Interview

The next stage is the Local Focus Interview. Upon review of the applicant’s file and Pre-Background Questionnaire, successful applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.

This interview is a one-on-one interview based on the local competencies of the position of police constable.

Essential Competencies Interview

A successful LFI interview will move the applicant to the final interview stage. The Essential Competency Interview is a behavioural style, competency-based interview conducted by two recruiting officers to assess the candidate’s suitability based on the Constable Selection System Essential competencies for the position of police constable.

Psychological Testing

All candidates are required to complete a psychological assessment, which includes an interview with a psychologist.

Background Investigation

The background investigation may include, but is not limited to, reference checks, verification of educational documents, verification of employment history, credit checks and cyber checks. Candidates will be required to complete a Personal History Form and supply all requested documentation.  Candidates will also be required to complete a medical assessment during this stage.

Fitness Test

Police work can be physically and mentally demanding. Following a healthy fitness regiment will ensure both mental clarity and high energy on the job.  Making fitness a priority will positively affect an officer’s performance and safety.

The Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP) test consists of two assessments, the Pursuit-Restraint Circuit and the 20-Meter Shuttle Run.  These tests are designed to measure an applicant’s aerobic and anaerobic capacity in conjunction with muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. 

Pursuit Restraint Circuit

The Pursuit Restraint Circuit is a total distance of 100 meters and consists of:

  • Climbing up and down a set of stairs four times;
  • Scaling a 1.2-meter (4 foot) fence twice;
  • Pulling your body up to look over a 2-meter (6.5 foot) fence twice;
  • Crawling under a low barrier four times;
  • Engaging twice with two machines involving force requirements that are necessary to accomplish the control and restraint of a resisting offender;
  • Pulling a 170-pound mannequin and dragging it a distance of 15 meters to simulate pulling a victim or offender from a car then dragging them to a triage area

In order to achieve a Meets Standard on this assessment, an applicant must complete the circuit in 2 minutes and 37 seconds or less. 

20 Meter Shuttle Run

  • Applicant runs across a 20-meter distance guided by an audible sound;
  • At each full stage the speed increases requiring the applicant to run faster;
  • The test is complete when the applicant misses two consecutive warning areas

In order to achieve a Meets Standard on the assessment, an applicant must achieve a minimum stage 7.0 level or higher.

An applicant must meet standard on both assessments to successfully complete the fitness component and progress to the final selection stage.

Final Selection

All information collected throughout the selection process is reviewed and compared to the selection criteria to ensure the applicant is a good fit for the Halton Regional Police Service.  An offer of employment may be made at this stage.

Unsuccessful Applicants

In accordance with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Constable Selection System, applicants who are unsuccessful at their first essential competencies interview may only be considered by other OACP licenced services after a period of three (3) months. If an applicant is unsuccessful a second time at the essential competency interview stage, there is a six (6) month waiting period prior to further consideration.