Did you know that emergency call centres often cannot detect a caller’s precise location?

In an emergency, identifying exactly where help is needed is critical to getting resources there quickly. This can be nearly impossible if you’re in a remote area with no street address, no obvious landmarks, or on an unnamed trail. In these moments, emergency services can waste precious time and resources just trying to find you.

Help emergency services find you faster in an emergency by learning how to share your what3words address.

Using what3words to help 9-1-1 find you

You can use the what3words app to communicate your precise location to Halton’s 9-1-1 call centre by telling us your ‘what3words address’, a unique combination of three words that identify a 3-metre by 3-metre location. This is far more precise than a traditional cell phone 'ping' often used by emergency services.

Plus, once downloaded, the app is able to work offline. This makes it ideal for rural areas of Halton that may have a poor or unreliable data signal.

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Additional Information

To learn about what3words, visit the what3words website.