Halton Police: The True Blue is a six-episode inside look at the Halton Regional Police Service and the people whose work help shape it. 

From frauds and traffic to women in policing, hate crime, cold cases, and a candid conversation with Canada’s longest-serving Chief, host Jason Agnew masterfully engages each guest, eliciting thought-provoking perspectives. Each episode an enjoyable and informative listen for all.

Halton Police: The True Blue is available below or on Spotify, GoogleApple, Vimeo, YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.

Halton Police: The True Blue (40 Years in Policing – Chief Stephen Tanner)

Halton Regional Police Service Chief Stephen Tanner’s varied and successful policing career has spanned more than 40 years. He’s recognized as the longest-serving Chief of Police in Canada, having led three police services over the past 21 years.

In that time, Chief Tanner has been at the forefront of a number of changes in Canadian law enforcement, including community safety and well-being to technology, and stands proud as a leader in diversity and inclusion for the nation’s safest large region.

Join host Jason Agnew for an in-depth conversation with Chief Tanner, his multi-faceted policing career, and his path to becoming Chief of Police in his hometown community.

Halton Police: The True Blue (Women in Policing – Superintendent Sue Biggs)

Becoming a police officer was not the preferred – nor easiest – career path for a 21-year-old British woman looking to gain life experience in a male-dominated profession. However, Superintendent Sue Biggs was determined to prove to those she worked with – and to herself – that she could not only do the job, but excel at it.

Join host Jason Agnew for a thought-provoking discussion about the career of Halton Regional Police Service Supt. Biggs, including the challenges of being accepted as a female police officer, the evolution of policing, and ongoing work to promote gender equity now and for future generations of females in law enforcement.

Halton Police: The True Blue (Hate Crime – Sergeant Ryan Smith)

As Sergeant of the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Office, Ryan Smith is determined to make Halton Region a safe and welcoming community for all and to help end the cycle of hate. This includes leading a dedicated team that aims to educate the community, enhance existing relationships, and prioritize police response to hate crime.

Through this informative conversation with host Jason Agnew, Sgt. Smith defines what hate crimes are and how the Halton Regional Police Service is addressing this growing trend, while supporting those directly impacted.

And, importantly, learn how members are the public are empowered to be the eyes and ears of the police and to come forward with their hate-related concerns.

Halton Police: The True Blue (Fraud – Detective Constable Derek Gray)

For Detective Constable Derek Grey, becoming an Older Adult Abuse and Financial Crime Investigator was a calling that led him to become one of the Halton Regional Police Service’s experts in frauds and scams.

Join host Jason Agnew and Det. Cst. Grey as they delve into the world of modern-day fraud. From grandparent and romance scams to cryptocurrency, learn to recognize the common elements of most scams, as well as hear valuable advice that can help prevent individuals from becoming victims.

By equipping listeners with tools like The Little Black Book of Scams, this episode of Halton Police: The True Blue is a must for staying one step ahead of today’s enterprising fraudsters.

Halton Police: The True Blue (Traffic – Constable Marc Taraso)

With a growing number of vehicles on our roadways, the day-to-day activities of traffic enforcement officers in Halton have likewise grown and evolved.

Constable Marc Taraso, a long-serving member of Halton Regional Police Service’s District Response Team, has parlayed his passion for traffic safety into a Twitter following exceeding more than 20,000 – all with the aim of making Halton’s roads safer.

Join Halton Police: The True Blue host, Jason Agnew, and Cst. Taraso for a candid look at traffic enforcement through the lens of social media, with a focus on the deadly four: speed/aggressive driving, distracted driving, impaired driving and commercial motor vehicles. From “it won’t fall off” to poutine, this episode drives home what it takes to be part of HRPS’ Traffic Team and simple things motorists can do to help make their jobs easier.

Halton Police: The True Blue (Cold Case – Detective Ryan Eacrett)

In this investigative episode of Halton Police: The True Blue, host Jason Agnew speaks with Homicide Unit Detective Ryan Eacrett as he unearths details of a cold case dating back to May 17, 2002 involving the murder of 54-year-old Georgetown resident, Paul Henttonen.

Det. Eacrett offers an inside look at the puzzling case, including potential motives, key evidence, and theories of the crime. He also explains the role technology plays in catching a killer and the investigative avenues police use to bring closure to those who have lost a loved one.