The Halton Regional Police Service aims to keep the residents of Halton safe during emergency situations.  While our officers are trained and equipped to respond to many types of emergencies, it is imperative that residents take a proactive approach and also prepare for these types of situations.  With proper knowledge and preparedness, we can work together to help keep those who live and work in our communities safe.

Preparing for Emergencies

Emergencies can happen at any time and without warning so it is important to be prepared. Understanding the risks in your area, creating a household emergency plan and having an emergency kit will allow you to respond quickly and help keep you safe.

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Critical Infrastructure Police Emergency Response (CIPER) Program

The Critical Infrastructure Police Emergency Response (CIPER) Program enables representatives of schools, places of worship and other organizations to submit details about their premises to the Halton Regional Police Service. This information is kept by the Service to help ensure officers are able to effectively respond to an emergency at the location.

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 Run - Hide - Defend Program

The Halton Regional Police Service is committed to ensuring the safety and security of those we serve.  Although active attacker incidents are rare, it is important to be prepared for such an event. Knowing what to do and having a plan may ultimately save your life.

The active attacker survival strategy, Run – Hide - Defend, provides an actionable framework for the best chance of survival. 

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Emergency Alerts and Public Notification Systems

Alerts are issued when there is an immediate threat to life or property and helps ensure that Ontarians have the critical information they need to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families during an emergency.

Alert Ready, Enhanced Community Notification Service (eCNS), and Alert Burlington are three programs operating within Halton Region.

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