Home security systems are a great way to help protect yourself and your loved ones. They also help deter would-be criminals. Did you know that the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) responds to all activated alarms, including false alarms where you or a family member accidently sets off the alarm system? These false alarms take up officers' time and take them away from other patrol duties.

Our revised Alarm Program (effective June 15, 2023) no longer allows residents/business owners to register their premises for alarm response at a discounted rate. Premises will no longer be subject to a suspension from the program, which will allow our officers to continue to provide outstanding protection and service. All cost recovery fees will be charged directly to the Alarm Monitoring Stations representing the premise owners.

False Alarm

A false alarm is an alarm call for service in which police determine the alarm was caused by anything other than a criminal offence, medical or fire emergency. 

Cost Recovery

Halton Regional Police Service will invoice the Alarm Monitoring Station representing the premises a fee of $197.75 ($175.00 + $22.75 HST) for all alarms requesting a police dispatch which are found to be false.


The False Alarm Coordinator will deal directly with Alarm Monitoring Stations regarding appeal applications. In the event of an appeal, you may forward all relevant information to your alarm provider. 

If the alarm is valid, meaning a break & enter, theft, mischief, property damage, etc. has occurred, it is expected that the home owner or business contact the HRPS immediately for an officer to attend and have a report completed.

Alarm System Owner Responsibilities

Owning or operating an alarm system comes with many responsibilities which are often forgotten or neglected.

  • Train each user how to set and disable the alarm system.
  • Keep information with Monitoring Station current (i.e. updated keyholders, new pets).
  • Ensuring your system is in top operating order.
Preventing False Alarms

If you are experiencing issues with your system, contact your Alarm Monitoring Company immediately. False alarms are a tremendous drain on police resources. 

  • Ensure all alarm users are trained on the alarm system and cancellation procedure, should they make a mistake. No ID Code will prompt a police dispatch.
  • Update your alarm company with accurate keyholder information and ensure they are willing to attend should police require them.
  • Record normal business hours and working hours of your cleaners with your Alarm Monitoring Company.
  • Schedule service calls with your Alarm Monitoring Company (including checking batteries). Routine maintenance can prevent false alarms.
  • Keep pets, cobwebs, decorations, curtains, and plants away from view of motion detectors.
  • Verify all doors and windows are secure prior to activating your alarm system.
  • Test your alarm system connection with you Alarm Monitoring Company central monitoring station monthly. Contact your Alarm Monitoring Company prior to testing.
  • Notify your Alarm Monitoring Company prior to any changes, remodeling, adding pets, etc., to ensure they do not affect the alarm system.
Purchasing an Alarm System - Checklist
It is important for consumers to do their homework prior to purchasing an alarm system. 
  • Have you spoken with more than two different alarm companies?
  • Are the installation company and monitoring station U.L.C. listed?
  • Do you know how and where the alarm system is monitored?
  • Have criminal background checks been completed on the installers and sales personnel?
  •  Is there a testing period available during which you can practice using the system without police being dispatched? Statistics show that there is a higher rate of false alarms during the first few days of installation.
  • Will the alarm system be able to identify which area the signal is coming from? This allows service to target the problem area to be addressed.
  • Is the system equipped with dual action panic buttons (not just one) to minimize an accidental trip?
  • Have they advised you of the Halton Regional Police's Alarm Policy?
Information for Alarm Companies
We no longer require alarm systems to be pre-registered and no annual fee will be charged with Halton Regional Police Service.  If an alarm event should occur at a premise where no permit number currently exists, we will issue a permit number at that time and advise the monitoring station of the new permit number. 

By-Law 2020-3

Please feel free to contact us at:

Phone: 905-825-4747 ext. 5208


Frequently Asked Questions
I am currently registered for the alarm program. How does the removal of alarm registrations impact me?

Until your registration comes up for renewal there will be no changes that impact you (i.e. you will be charged the registered rates per the historical plan). Once your year-long registration expires, there is no option to renew. Officers will still attend, should an alarm be activated.

Who would the Halton Regional Police Service recommend for an Alarm Monitoring Company?

Halton Regional Police Service will not recommend any specific Alarm Monitoring Company. However, we will advise those interested to obtain quotes from different companies to compare and evaluate based on your needs.

Are Residential and Commercial Premises going to be charged the same rate?

Yes, both will be charged $197.75 ($175.00 + $22.75 HST).

Contact Information

For more information about the Alarm Program contact:

Alarm Coordinator
Phone: 905-825-4747 ext. 5208
Email: Alarm.Coordinator@haltonpolice.ca