Today, Thursday, November 30, the Halton Police Board signed on the dotted line to adopt Language Interpreting Services Application (LISA), a web-based video and audio app by Languages in Motion Ltd., that provides frontline officers 24/7 access to interpreters in over 200 languages, including American Sign Language.

Halton is the fastest growing region in the GTHA. In 2020, the population was 610,000, and by the end of this year it’s expected to have gained an additional 50,000 residents. By 2031, our Region is anticipated to be home to 820,000 people. As our community grows, it’s also becoming more diverse, with 17% of residents speaking a language at home other than English or French, and more than 7,000 Halton residents reportedly unable to speak English or French; a 40% increase since 2011.

Providing frontline officers access to LISA will be a key step in helping our Service develop trust and meaningful relationships with all members of our community, and ultimately, continue providing exceptional policing. When officers attend an incident but do not speak the same language as those involved, we have the opportunity to utilize the app to relay information instantly using secure access to professional certified translators and interpreters.

“Discovering innovative solutions to overcoming barriers within policing is always a top priority for our Service. The people and communities our officers are sworn to serve are evolving, and so too must our mentality and approach to policing. When we say we’re here for the community, we mean everybody. Having LISA available at any given moment will ensure our officers are better equipped to answer the call – regardless of who is making it.” – Halton Regional Police Service, Superintendent Bob Gourley.

For more information on LISA, visit: Certified Translator Canada | Interpreter | Languages in Motion (

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