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Community Safety and Well-Being

In 2018, Halton Region was Canada’s safest large municipality for the thirteen straight year. This is a remarkable achievement brought about by a shared commitment by our partners at, and across, the Region of Halton to ensure that our residents have access to the right services, at the right time, by the right provider.

As Halton continues to grow, it is important to maintain high levels of safety and continue to enhance the well-being of our entire community, inclusive of those residents who may be vulnerable due to social, economic or health related risk factors.

Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) planning recognizes that complex risks to safety and well-being cannot and should not be addressed in isolation by any one organization, agency or sector. Ultimately, the goal of CSWB planning is to achieve greater coordination and collaboration on issues and situations before they can escalate into a crisis.

First introduced to municipalities in 2014, CSWB planning focuses on high-levels of safety and enhancement of resident and community well-being through four zones of intervention:

  • Social Development: Addressing underlying causes of social issues through upstream approaches that promote and maintain individual and community wellness. This includes supports that promote social and economic inclusion and equity.
  • Prevention: Applying proactive strategies to known and identified risks that are likely to result in harm to individuals or communities if left unmitigated.
  • Risk Intervention: Identifying and responding to situation of acutely elevated risk and mobilizing immediate interventions before an emergency or crisis-driven response is required.
  • Incident Response: Circumstances that require intervention by first responders such as police, paramedics, and other crisis-driven services in the human services system.

Halton’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan was developed in partnership between Halton Region and the Halton Regional Police Service as part of a shared commitment to be the safest and healthiest region in Canada. This will be achieved through alignment of community goals, integrated programming, collaboration and partnership. The Plan builds on a strong history of partnering with our communities and positions Halton at the forefront of the emerging practice of community safety and well-being planning. After significant public consultation, the Halton Community Safety and Well-Being Plan was formally launched in November 2017.

Through purposeful and informed collaboration with our public safety partners, as a Service we commit to delivering high-quality, consistent, and meaningful police services that sustainably meet the complex needs of our growing service and community.

As a reflection of this commitment, Community Safety and Well-Being is the central theme of our Service’s 2017-2019 Corporate Business Plan. We have incorporated CSWB principles into the training of our members, into project development and delivery, internal and external communications, goal-setting, performance management, and reporting, and into ongoing initiatives, focusing on the four Service priorities: mental health and addictions, vulnerable populations, traffic safety and crime.

The Halton Regional Police Service and Halton Region have set a new standard in community safety and well-being by taking a multi-sector approach to address risk by increasing protective factors/strategies that will make our community safer and healthier for all.