Welcome to our new Halton Regional Police Service website! I am so thankful for the hard work of so many to bring this new site to life. Now more than ever, we are all heavily reliant on digital platforms for quick access to pertinent and relevant information. Our hope is that you will find this new format both easy to navigate and informative. We encourage you to stay up to date by subscribing to our news feed. We’d also love to hear your feedback. You are welcome to use the “Website Feedback” form at the bottom of any webpage, or send us a quick note at corpcomm@haltonpolice.ca.

Reflecting on 2020, so much has happened which has impacted us all. In the spring, the Province of Ontario announced a state of emergency in relation to COVID-19 and we have lived with the risks and uncertainties of the pandemic ever since. While the battle against COVID-19 has brought us together in many ways as a society, it has also forced us apart by virtue of physical distancing. We remain hopeful that vaccines will arrive quickly and begin to turn the tide of this terrible virus.

In May, the tragic murder of George Floyd in Minnesota sparked worldwide protests and a long overdue call to end racism and systemic discrimination in policing, and across all of society. We all want this – let us do it together.

We continue to receive many questions from residents of Halton on issues or topics such as police authorities and accountability, governance, policies, our approach to equity, diversity and inclusion, how we work with stakeholders to support mental health and community safety and well-being, and how we work to attract, hire and train the best people possible to serve and protect the community. For your convenience, we have developed a resource titled, Your Community. Our Service. to answer your questions and address your concerns.    

We are so incredibly proud of our police service and are honoured to serve alongside our members, both sworn and civilian. We continue to be the safest large municipality in all of Canada (15 years in a row) thanks to the hard work of our frontline members and to all of you, our residents working closely with us to prevent and solve crimes. As a result of this strong collaboration, the Halton Regional Police Service has solved more crimes than any other comparable sized police service in Ontario (6th year in a row).

Are we perfect? No, none of us are. But we are committed to the continual pursuit of excellence, and to working to serve and to protect all. And this commitment is threaded through everything we do.

Halton, we are in this together, and by working together we can continue to make a positive difference. Thank you for your partnership.

Stephen J. Tanner
Chief of Police

Roger Wilkie
Deputy Chief of Police

Jeff Hill
Deputy Chief of Police