I would like thank you for checking in with your police service for an update on what is happening throughout our region.

I am pleased to share with you some highlights of how the Halton Regional Police Service is working diligently to remain at the forefront of community safety and policing excellence.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to read our 2021 Annual Report, we encourage you to do so. The report outlines our commitment to the residents of Halton region to keep our community safe. Looking back, 2021 was a year of further strengthening relationships with our community, enhancing opportunities for outreach and collaboration, leveraging partnerships, harnessing technology, and, so much more!

The success stories contained in our Annual Report are a testament to our overarching commitment to our four-year Strategic Plan, which will continue to guide the efforts of our Service until the end of 2023. Under its guidance, our Service strives to be fiscally responsible for taxpayers, responsive to the public, and respectful of Halton region's dynamic, growing and inclusive community.

Looking forward, public consultation will soon occur to help shape the direction of the Service and its next Strategic plan for 2024-2027. During this consultation, and always, we encourage members of the community to provide their feedback and help inform our priorities. Your safety and well-being are our top priority now, and into the future.

In our commitment to help serve and protect our community, we must emphasize that we are here to help. If you are the victim of a crime, we know it takes courage to come forward to report to police. If and when you do report a crime, please know that the HRPS and countless community resources are here to provide support to you and anyone else who may be impacted.

On behalf of the entire Halton Regional Police Service, it is always a pleasure to serve you. We look forward to further engaging with you in-person in the coming months.

Stephen J. Tanner
Chief of Police

Roger Wilkie
Deputy Chief of Police

Jeff Hill
Deputy Chief of Police