Police Warn of Dangers Associated with 'Assassins' Game Following Series of Incidents in Halton Region

The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) is once again warning parents and students about the dangers of the 'Assassins Game' following a series of reported incidents across the region in the past week.

The game involves high school students hunting or “assassinating” one another with water or Nerf-style guns. The “assassinations” can take place in a variety of settings, in public, and during daylight and evening hours. Some of the guns used have resembled real firearms. In many instances, observers – unaware the game is being played – have contacted police.

Notwithstanding the fear and elevated emergency response the game can cause, there is the potential for those who participate in it to face a number of consequences – up to and including criminal charges.

In the past day alone, the HRPS has responded to four calls related to the game, one of which resulted in charges being laid against two Georgetown youth.

To ensure the safety of members of the public and to eliminate the risk of an unnecessary and serious encounter with officers, the HRPS discourages youth from participating in this game and encourages parents to speak to their children about its far-reaching, associated risks.

“We recognize that the vast majority of these cases involve young people playing and that no harm is intended,” said Staff Sergeant Ryan Snow of the Regional Community Mobilization Bureau. “In saying this, these activities are resulting in unintended consequences that place participants, members of the community, and first responders at risk. The Halton Regional Police Service encourages youth to think carefully, to make good decisions, and to understand that their participation in this game can result in criminal charges. Parents are also encouraged to talk with their children about how their actions can affect others.”


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