On June 23, 2022, a group of 4 adults (1 male and 3 female) and 4 children entered the home Depot, located at 2555 Bristol Circle, Oakville, at approximately 6:21pm. The group went to the Electrical Department, where the adults loaded 2 shopping carts with electrical wire, two fans and two water bottles, valued at over $3,200. The suspects concealed the property with bags, kids blankets and the kids themselves, prior to leaving the store without making any attempt to pay.

Suspect 1 - Male, in his 40s, approx. 5'10", large/heavy build, short black hair, trimmed beard/moustache, wearing a blue/white/grey striped golf shirt, blue shorts, red sneakers, tattoo on right forearm.

Suspect 2 - Female, in her 40s, approx. 4'10", heavy build, brown hair in a bun, wearing a blue/white striped t-shirt, cammo tights, sandals and a brown shoulder strap purse.

Suspect 3 - Female, in her 30s, approx. 5'10', average build, long dirty blonde hair, wearing a white t-shirt with Reebok across front, knee length jean skirt, blue slip on shoes, white shoulder strap purse with flower pattern.

Suspect 4 - Female, in her 30s, approx. 5'7", heavy build, long black hair, wearing a black tank top with white Reebok word and symbol on front, black pants with 2 white stripes down the sides and black slip on shoes.

Suspect Vehicle: 2007 Pontiac minivan, gold/brown in colour. Ontario Licence plate - CVKS224

Occurrence Number: 2022-187265

If you have any information on this case, please contact the HRPS or Crime Stoppers.

Suspect Photos