529 Garage Bike Registry

Posted On Wednesday April 07, 2021

Anyone who has returned to where they parked their bike, only to discover a cut lock, understands the frustration and impact of having your bike stolen.

Every year, 2 million bikes are stolen across North America. More often than we’d like to see, when a bike is recovered, we are unable to identify its owner. If you’ve registered your bike, it makes it easy to reunite you with your bike.

Enter 529 Garage App.

The Halton Regional Police Service is pleased to announce that we have partnered with 529 Garage, a Community Watch Program for your bike. The launch of this partnership is aimed at reducing bike theft in the region.

Using the 529 Garage App, a bike owner is able to register their bike. Once your bike is registered, if it’s stolen, you can start an alert to make the most of the 529 community to find your stolen bike. The 529 community includes the HRPS, bike clubs and other 529 app users. If a bike is found, the HRPS will be able to return the bike to its owner.

This program is another step being taken by the Halton Regional Police Service to ensure the Region of Halton continues to be one of the safest communities in Ontario.

If you reside within Halton please consider taking the following simple steps to protect your bike:

For more information about the 529 Garage project, please visit our website at: haltonpolice.ca/en/staying-safe/bike-registry.aspx.