Properly installed child safety seats save lives. It has been proven that using a child safety seat properly can reduce the chances of a child being killed or injured by 75%. The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) has prepared the following tips and resources about child safety seats:

Does my child need to be in a safety seat?

In Ontario, it is legislated that all children that fall within these criteria must be secured in a car seat:

A toddler sits in a child safety seat in a vehicle

  • Children up to eight years old,
  • Children weighing less than 80lbs. (36 kgs.), and/or
  • Children less than 4'9" (145 cm.) in height.
  • Some exemptions apply with taxis and vehicles transporting for hire.

Once the child has reached 80lbs, and is over 4' 9'', they may graduate to a Seatbelt position providing the seatbelt sits at the correct spot across the child's chest.

Proper Safety Seat Installation

In order to properly restrain a child, you must ensure that:

  1. The child must be secured properly in a child safety seat
  2. The child safety seat must be properly installed in the vehicle

For specific information regarding your particular Infant/Child Restraint System (CRS), please contact your manufacturer who will be able to answer any questions pertaining to your CRS restraint system.

Community Resources

Community resources for child safety seat installation are available. Please note that some community services may be operating differently/suspended due to COVID-19.


St. John Ambulance Burlington Branch Car Seat Safety Division
Phone: 905-634-6665
The Burlington brigade hosts clinics weekly or bi-weekly depending on the season. An additional community clinic may be offered occasionally at a daycare, business, or store. Coalition partners will be informed of clinics open to the public.


The Co-operators Insurance
Phone: 905-877-0131
Residents may call and make arrangements to have a car seat checked. Appointments will be at an earliest, mutually convenient time.

Safety Seat Resources

Ontario Ministry of Transportation's Choose the right child car seat

Halton Region's Car Seat Safety