Safety around school buses is critical for the safety of pedestrians and motorists. The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) has prepared the following bus safety tips for your information.

School Bus Safety Tips for Motorists

Drive with extra care whenever you see a school bus in front of you or coming toward you. Ensure that you know the rules surrounding school buses:

  • When driving on a road WITHOUT a median:
    • Remember that if a school bus flashes its red lights, traffic in both directions must stop at least 20 metres from the bus. Travel may not resume until the school bus resumes motion and/or the lights have stopped flashing.
  • When driving on a road WITH a median:
    • Traffic coming from the opposite direction is not required to stop. 

      Children seated inside a school bus

School Safety Tips for Parents

  • Remind your children to be extra careful when boarding or getting off the school bus
  • Teach your children to look for traffic before crossing the road
  • Remind your children to follow the school bus safety rules taught at school
  • Encourage your child/children to help their school bus driver keep his/her attention on road safety by being good passengers

Violating Laws Related to School Buses

Violating laws related to school buses will result in fines and demerit points. Learn more from Ontario's Highway Traffic Act.