Damaging or defacing property belonging to another person or the public is a criminal offence. The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) recommends adopting the following measures to prevent, or reduce, the incidents of vandalism and graffiti.


Most acts of vandalism are committed by youths when they think that no one will see them or when no one is likely to stop them. Vandalism often occurs on school property after hours, in public parks, and in vacant homes or buildings.

Someone with a can of spray paint

To reduce incidents of vandalism, property owners can:

  • Improve the lighting in poorly lit areas.
  • Report incidents and suspicious persons hanging out in an area where an act of vandalism may be committed.
  • Maintain a "good neighbour'' policy. Keep an eye out for your neighbour's property as well as your own.
  • Teach your children about the consequences of vandalism.
  • Be aware of your children's associates and activities.


Graffiti is an act of vandalism that involves writing, drawing, or symbols applied to any surface without the consent of property owners.

In an effort to curb the growth of graffiti, we recommend property owners:

  • Restrict access to walls by planting ivy, thorny bushes, or trees.
  • Increase lighting and visibility in vulnerable areas.
  • Install video surveillance to monitor isolated areas.

What to do if Vandalism or Graffiti occurs

If you have been a victim of vandalism or graffiti, report it immediately. You can:

If possible, please provide a description of the suspects and/or suspect vehicle, including the make, model, colour, and licence plate.

It is important that you do not remove the graffiti until the police are notified and have investigated.

The Town of Oakville has adopted a graffiti removal strategy with the intent of remove graffiti in public road corridors and in parks within 72 hours of it being discovered or reported. Please contact the Town of Oakville Graffiti Hotline at 905-338-4392 for more information.