Did you know that securing windows that are not dedicated as emergency exit windows can help increase your home's security? The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) recommends that you consider securing some of your home's windows.

Upper and Main Floor Windows

To secure your home's main and upper floor windows:

  • Slide bolts installed with heavy-duty screws can provide extra security while allowing the window to be opened.
  • Place a metal rod, broom, or hockey stick cut down in the tracks of the window frame to stop them from sliding open.
  • Replace non-keyed latches with keyed latches.
  • Install grillwork or bars if the window is not to be used as a fire exit.
  • Consider permanently closing windows that are not used as fire exits by nailing or screwing them into the frame.

Basement Windows

Basement windows can be an easy point of entry because of hinges being fastened with short screws, frames not being anchored into the foundation, and the use of single pane glass which is easily broken.

To secure basement windows:

  • Use longer screws to fasten the window to the foundation.
  • Replace single pane windows with double pane windows.
  • Install window safety film onto windows to prevent them being broken.
  • On windows that are not used as fire exits, consider installing metal window bars or grills which are fastened to foundation walls.

HRPS Project Safeguard

Did you know that you can request a home security inspection conducted by a member of the HRPS Auxiliary Policing Unit? Visit our home security inspections page for more information.