Garage door locks can usually be broken or jimmied open with ease. On older garage doors, especially those not attached to the house, a sturdy hasp and padlock can provide adequate security.

Keeping your Garage Secure

The Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) recommends adopting the tips below to help provide additional security for your garage.

  • Keep mandoors locked at all times.
  • Overhead doors which tilt or roll up can be secured with padlocks or bolts installed in the centre of the tracks 1/4" above a roller. This should be done to both tracks to prevent rollers from moving, even if the outer lock is broken.
  • Hasps for padlocks should be installed so that no screws are visible when the hasp is closed.
  • Padlocks should be heavy-duty with hardened shackles and heavy steel or laminated casings.

HRPS Project Safeguard

Did you know that you can request a home security inspection conducted by a member of the HRPS Auxiliary Policing Unit? Visit our home security inspections page for more information.